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Yarn Swifts


Introducing Yarn-Swift.com

Soon, we will be hosting another website dedicated to providing information about yarn swifts and skein-winders. We will also promote our own line of swifts and skein-winders on this site.


There are many different types of swifts and skein-winders on the market - far more than the number of ball winders.

Why is that? Swifts are far easier to design and manufacture. Afterall, a swift is primarily just a wheel. However, there are many ways to make the wheel work properly for a given orientation and application which we will explore.

We will investigate the reason why there are so many different designs and try to list all the the brands that are out there and provide information on them.

Ball winders and swifts go together like love and marriage. So join us as we venture down the path of investigation into that market.

Coming Soon!

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