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How do they work

Ball Winding systems include the following:

  • Ball Winder

  • Motor drive system

  • Metering system

The system can measure the yarn that is being wound and can turn off the ball winding action once the quantity of yarn has been measured and wound.

The only commercial/consumer system available to do this is made by Nancy's Knit Knacks. This system includes a motorized ball winder and an electronic yarn meter. The meter communicates with the ball winder via a cable and it controls the operation of the ball winder.

Industrial Systems
There are industrial systems that can perform these tasks as well but they are very large and very expensive. Here is a link to Belfast Mills, but there are various manufacturers that also make such equipment.

Belfast Mini Mills

Ball Winding Systems can automate a small business and allow them to get a lot of work done in short order. Not only does it measure the yarn, it winds it as well. Plus, since the meter shuts down the ball winder as the qty has been reached, it removes the tedious task of watching a counter accumulate the count.

Of course the industrial models do these things on a high volume basis, but these systems are really only for large scale processors.

If you have any questions about ball winding systems, please email me

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