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What is a ball winder?
It is a tool that knitters and other fiber artists use to wind balls of yarn from skeins, hanks, cones, or from existing balls of yarn. Balls of yarn enable a knitter to work with the yarn in an orderly manner. It is very difficult to knit from a cone of yarn or a skein. The yarn ball is portable and orderly.


Types of ball winders


Size of balls

Price Range



$50 or less



$100 or more



$169 to $330






$175 - $825

Yarn manufacturers typically do not wind balls because it is an extra step for them. Plus, many users like to see the yarn displayed in a skein and not in a ball. It is easier to feel the yarn while it is in a skein.

Yarn shop owners often wind balls for their customers as a service. But this takes time. The faster and easier the winding of the ball can be done, the better it is for both the shop owner and the customer.

As a result, it is key for yarn shops to use good ball winders in their business.

Knitters also want the flexibility to wind their own yarn at home. So, for those that can afford to invest in a ball winder, they too, can enjoy making their own balls of yarn.

Important fact - if you get a ball winder, you will also need a yarn swift. We will cover swifts and skeinwinders in their own website in the near future. Check out this link in the meantime.

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