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About us


Ballwinders.com is owned and operated by Michael Gallagher. Michael is the owner of Nancy's Knit Knacks.
Nancy's Knit Knacks is a major player in the Ball Winder market.


The purpose of creating this site is to provide information to the market about ball winders, regardless of which company makes them. Every effort is made to present factual informaton about ball winder products and to educate the marketplace.

Often times, when someone is trying to research a product, they either receive a singular point of view from either the manufacturer, a reseller, the blogosphere, etc. The problem is that the reader does not know what information is unbiased.

We think that providing the facts as we know them (and we try our best), then the user can decide what is correct or what needs more research. I have always believed that "facts are friendly."

If you need an answer concerning any of my content, please send me an email.

Questions can be directed to me at this link.


Michael Gallagher

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